Open Enrollment & School Lottery Registration

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it free to attend the school?


What does ‘open enrollment’ mean?

Open enrollment is the period of time when interested families register children they would like to attend our school.  It costs nothing to register children and takes a few minutes to complete.  Registration during open enrollment does not guarantee admission. 

What is the lottery?

The lottery is a standardized process implemented by public charter schools when there are more interested families than there are seats available. After the 1-month open enrollment period closes, all pre-registered families will be entered into the lottery and drawn at random for admission to the school. After available seats for each grade level are filled, the remaining names will be drawn and added to a waitlist in the order they are drawn.

How can I register for the lottery?

You can register online for the school lottery during our open enrollment from January 1, 2020 to January 31, 2020.  You can also contact the school for an application by calling 910-636-1325.

What is the deadline to participate in the lottery?

Lottery registrations must be submitted online before midnight on January 31, 2020.  The lottery will held in February at Moore Montessori Community School. Any registration received after January 31st is not entered into the lottery, but will be added to the end of the waitlist after the completion of the lottery, in the order received. Lottery results will be posted online.

How do I register multiple siblings in one family?

All children in a family are “bundled” together under one lottery registration. The youngest grade eligible child will be run in the lottery as the ‘Primary Registrant’. If the ‘Primary Registrant’ is admitted, all siblings bundled on the registration form will be eligible for placement in their respective grade level immediately, as long as there is an opening. If there are no openings, they will be placed on a sibling priority waitlist for the respective grade level. If the “Primary Registrant” is placed on the waitlist, the other siblings will also be placed on the wait list for respective grade levels. It is our intent to provide Lottery Procedures that benefit families but are fair and consistent for all of our applicants.

What is the definition of a sibling?

Any of the following who reside in the same household qualify as siblings: “siblings, half siblings, stepsiblings, and children residing in a family foster home.”

Are there any priorities for the lottery?

Yes. There are three priority categories for the lottery. We offer additional consideration for the following:

1.    Children of full time employees and board members (may not exceed 15% of total school population)

2.    Siblings of current students (as determined by Charter School law  G.S. 115C-238.29F(g)(5a)

3.    Children whose families are considered Economically Disadvantaged (see income guidelines below)

How does the Economically Disadvantaged priority work?

Each year, the School will identify the number of economically disadvantaged seats available under this priority, a balance that will take into consideration total seats available and planned annual target.

Families who meet the economically disadvantaged priority based on the income guidelines below may check the box for this priority when completing the online registration. By checking the box, applicants are consenting to allow MMCS staff to verify their status as economically disadvantaged.  Please note: income information will not be retained after the lottery is completed.


How do I know what grade level to select for my child? 

Grade level decisions must be based on expected grade completion for the current school year 2019/20.


  • Families with children in pre-k 4 will choose Kindergarten.

  • Families with children currently in Kindergarten will choose First Grade.

  • Families with children currently in First Grade will choose Second Grade.

  • Families with children currently in Second Grade will choose Third Grade.

What about grade retention?

A formal retention request from current school (dated before lottery submission) is required for a child be enrolled in the lottery to repeat their current grade level. Failure to secure the necessary documentation will result in the child being moved to the waitlist for the appropriate grade level.

If you receive a formal written notice from the child’s school that he/she will be retained anytime after you have submitted your lottery registration, please call 910-636-1325 to ensure proper grade level placement.

MMCS will make the final decision for all grade placements based on assessment of the child and school records. 

How old does my child need to be to register for Kindergarten?

A child must be five years old on or before August 31, 2019 to enroll as a Kindergarten student. 

How do I know if my enrollment form has been received?

You will receive an email confirmation with a registration number a few minutes after you successfully submit your online application form.  Please check your email and spam folder for this confirmation email.  If you do not get the email, please call 910-636-1325.

I have multiple birth siblings (twins, triplets, etc.), how does that work?

If multiple birth siblings apply to the school, they will be “bundled” together under one lottery registration number.  If the multiple birth siblings are pulled in the lottery when there is still at least one spot remaining in their grade level, all multiple birth siblings shall be admitted. If their application is pulled after the spots are all filled, they will be added to the wait list in the order they are listed on their application.

Do I have to be a resident of North Carolina in order to register for the lottery?

Yes. The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, Division of Charter Schools mandates that applications from out-of-state residents are not eligible for admission unless proof of North Carolina residency can be provided by the registration deadline of January 31, 2020. Once an out of state family has moved to the North Carolina, they may submit registration for enrollment. At that time they will be added to the appropriate grade waitlist if no seats remain.  Families with military orders to relocate to North Carolina by August 2020 are eligible to register for the lottery, please call 910-636-1325 to provide required documentation.

I cannot attend the lottery, how can I find out if my child has been admitted?

You do not need to be present at the lottery to accept admission. In February you can check your child’s lottery position on our website. The lottery results will be posted by registration number (not children’s names) from your confirmation email.

What happens after the lottery?

Those admitted on the night of the lottery will be notified by email within a few days and will find their admission paperwork attached to that email. All required paperwork needs to be completed and returned in its entirety in order to secure your child’s seat in the time frame referenced in the admission email.

As seats become available, we will notify families by phone and then will follow up with the “admission” email. Please ensure you use valid phone numbers and email addresses on your registration forms. Incorrect contact information may affect admission if MMCS is not able to reach your family.

If my child attends the private preschool ‘The Garden’ at Moore Montessori will they be guaranteed a seat in Kindergarten with the public charter school Moore Montessori Community School?

No.  The children that attend the ‘The Garden’ private preschool have no advantage and are not guaranteed a seat in the school. They must register for the lottery process like all other families. 

I have more than 3 siblings to register.  How can I do that?

Please call 910-636-1325 for assistance.

Will MMCS students have to participate in the school lottery every year?

No.  MMCS students that complete the school year, and fill out re-enrollment paper work are guaranteed a seat the following year.  Our school will continue to add a grade level one year at a time up to 6th grade. 

Where can I review the State Policy on Charter School Lotteries?