What is Montessori Education?


Montessori is an educational approach that supports the intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth of the child. At its foundation is the belief that children are naturally curious, social, active learners. When given the right support and tools, all children can achieve.  


Montessori is based on the following ideas:   

(1) Active learning is engaging and effective.

Hands-on materials provide children a way to learn literacy, math, science and the arts in an exciting, effective manner.    

(2) Competency-based learning builds a solid academic foundation.

Children demonstrate they have mastered a concept before the teacher introduces another level of difficulty or a new idea. This allows the child to work at just the right challenge. Boredom is often the result of school work that is too easy, or too hard.

(3) Personalized learning fits just right.

Highly-trained Montessori teachers develop personalized learning plans for each child. Lessons are given one-on-one or in small groups. The child moves step-by-step through a sequenced curriculum that has been mapped to national Common Core Standards.